LinuxMCE uses the most powerful free and open source PBX (private branch exchange) available today: Asterisk.

The Asterisk PBX provides all the functionality of high-end business telephone system and combined with our media, security, climate, and lighting capabilities, LinuxMCE is the ultimate telecom system for your home or business. LinuxMCE includes all of the functionality of the Asterisk System, and provides the following features unique to LinuxMCE:

  • Plug and Play detection of VOIP phones (including the popular Cisco 7970)
  • Control your home from almost any phone via dialing into your home number and accessing the LinuxMCE system
  • Control your home via the Cisco 7970 color touch screen
  • Using our house-mode feature, which can be incorporated with your security system, you can decide where to route phone calls, depending on whether your home is set to:

    • Unarmed - At Home
    • Armed - Away
    • Armed - at home
    • Sleeping
    • Entertaining
    • Armed - Extended away

  • On-screen Caller-ID, which pauses all playing-media (optional)
  • Interactive Voicemail
  • Using a Phoenix Solo USB Microphone and a set of speakers, you can create an effective speaker phone system that provides solid audio fidelity and a microphone pick-up range of roughly 10' square from where the microphone is placed

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