LinuxMCE 1004 The most up-to-date Final Release :: This was the recommended version for a stable, functional system. This is now quite old and not the recommended version. 
LinuxMCE 1404 Fairly stable :: Most people are using it. 
LinuxMCE 1604 Missing devs :: Lots of changes in the MySQL department, and therefore only usable on Media Directors, but not the Core. 




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LinuxMCE User Manual 
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This is a good place to start. Here you can find basic informations, installation guides, troubleshooting tips and latest compatibility lists.

Read through Please start your LinuxMCE expirience by reading through the wiki, to get a idea of how everything works. Go to the Wiki start


If you have already browsed through the wiki and kind not find the right answer or unsure, take a look at the forum and USE THE SEARCH function, to see if someone already had your problem. If not, you are free to open up a new thread

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